It's one thing to watch California, Colorado, and other Western states burn to the ground...that's TV right?  Well. when I first arrived here in Bismarck in 2001, the Missouri basin area of "The Desert" and beyond has been a tinderbox of potential wildfires.  The area has experienced extreme wildfire threats in the past...but due to the courage of the fearless crews the desert was not lost.

Gilligan's Island reference anyone?

Click here to see how bad the State thinks it is south of Bismarck

There's that little sliver of North Dakota along the river is just so susceptible to complete combustion, that it is always an early favorite for burn bans. Unfortunately as the temps increase so does the traffic in an awesome recreational area.

I remember May of 2005 there was a a pretty huge fire event in the zone.

So keep in mind that even though it seems like the river will take care of itself, annually the area always seems to be under fire danger.

At this time there are no open fires allowed on Oahe WMA.

Open fires probably aren't the only issue...cigarette butts and red hot engines can ignite the brush in these low humidity conditions. ATV operators make sure to have a fire extinguisher on hand, if caught early, you could prevent a major catastrophe.

It's a beautiful natural haven just a short drive south of Bismarck, let's work to keep it that way and pray for rain.  Lot's of rain, because I know we're way behind.

Sorry to say...I like my snowblower resting right where it's moving on to rain.

Goodness,  it's pretty gosh darn dry.

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