This morning comes with great news about Psycho Shanon. Monday Morning, she underwent brain surgery to remove a benign tumor that had been growing around/near her brain stem since birth.

Her family is trying to keep everyone in the loop with what's happening via her Facebook Page.

Kelly Raspberry has also relayed the news that Shanon has been up and walking around in the couple days since surgery. While this is all good news, the docs warn that she is not out of the woods quite yet. There are still concerns for brain swelling as well as other complications that could come up. Shanon remains in ICU at this time, and will not be allowed any visitors.

The night before surgery, she took to her personal blog to let everyone know how she was handling the upcoming surgery, and how blessed she was to have so many fans praying for her.

It's easy to ask "why me" when bad stuff happens. You know? But I've come to realize that this question should be asked during the good times, too. Why me? Why do I deserve to be a part of your thoughts and prayers? I'm very blessed and I just need you all to know that I recognize it.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Shanon and her family in this difficult time. If you'd like to reach out to her, she will be checking her Facebook Page as often as she can, and her family will be updating it as more is known. You can also leave your comments here, and we will make sure she gets them.