Over this past weekend, and into Monday afternoon, Bismarck Police reported a total of 57 wrecks on the roads and highways in the Bismarck region.

According to KX News, the number of car accident reports gathered by Bismarck Police was only as of 4:22 p.m. Monday (February 11th) afternoon.

Plows were out seemingly everywhere in Bismarck-Mandan area Monday night, which made for much clearer roads Tuesday morning. However, there are certainly still several slick spots throughout the region. This, according to a couple of Uber and Lyft drivers who had been out driving on Monday night.

While lots of snow removal in the area has been completed at this point, there are still several spots throughout the region where snow removal has not been completed. For a map of current snow removal operations, you can view a map of what's been done so far here. To view the guidelines on snow removal for the City of Bismarck, click here.

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