The new month came at a time that is not ideal. A lot of people are currently without income, and now it's time to pay rent. Coronavirus has created a collective struggle around the world, and we could all use a little relief. There are some nonprofits and faith leaders in North Dakota that are trying to help.

On Monday, KFYR-TV reported that multiple nonprofit organizations wrote a letter to the governor, asking for temporary relief for those struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. The nonprofits hope to temporarily suspend evictions and foreclosures on North Dakota residential property.  Governor Burgum has responded to the letter, saying that stable housing is important, the issue will continue to be defined, and they will see where they can specifically provide relief.

North Dakota faith leaders are also hoping the governor will help, but even beyond the current crisis. The faith leaders propose that people should have a 90 window post-crisis to re-establish. Then, the suspension on evictions on foreclosures could end. North Dakota faith leaders are urging us to call Governor Burgum's office a (701) 328-2200.

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