Rihanna might be serious when it comes to her work and music, but it doesn't mean she doesn't have a silly side. As a fan of Jimmy Kimmel's annual April Fools' Day jokes, the singer wanted to get in on the action, only she pranked the late night TV host instead and it was all caught on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dressed in all black, Rihanna and two dancers sneaked into Kimmel's bedroom in his Los Angeles home at 1:05AM on April 1 and turned it into a dance club. Performing her new single, "Bitch Better Have My Money," she waved a flashlight around, threw $100 bills and a pillow at his head.

Then Rihanna starts jumping on his bed at one point during the song -- this took a lot of skill considering she was wearing high platform boots. After going through the entire track, she sweetly says bye to a groggy Kimmel, who looks like he's still trying to figure out what exactly happened.

At the end of the clip, Kimmel, who's now wide awake and in a bathrobe, admitted, "All right that was a good one."

He added, "It seemed like a UFO had landed. I didn't know what was going on."

"Thanks for not killing us," Rihanna replied.

Back on Kimmel's couch, he admitted to having her song stuck in his head after the sneak attack and asked what happened with this "bitch". "Wait for the video," Rihanna states.

In another video from the interview, Jimmy convinces RiRi to take part in the Twizzlers Challenge for Autism Awareness Month. The two have to eat a piece of the candy Lady and the Tramp style. Rihanna looked game but started to get nervous as Jimmy began chewing closer and closer to her lips. Afterward, they challenged another pair to take part. While Jimmy challenged director J.J. Abrams to eat Twizzlers with Chewbacca, Rihanna passed the baton to Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons and Jimmy's wife, Molly. See the clip below.

Watch Rihanna & Jimmy Kimmel Eat Twizzlers for Autism Awareness Month

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