In the past decade, Rihanna has rocked bobs, bright red locks, multi-toned blonde and black hair, blonde fringe and the blood of her enemies. But these days, she could pass for the long lost sister of Skrillex.

The singer was traveling from JFK to LAX on Jan. 31 when she was spotted with a new asymmetrical 'do -- shaved on one side with long extensions on the other.

So why all the hair changes? Well obviously Rihanna is in the strangest kind of witness protection program ever and must continuously look different in order to confuse her aggressor, current boyfriend Chris Brown, into thinking she's someone else.

It's kind of like when Superman combs his hair and throws on some glasses and no one notices.

In other hair-related news no one should care about but everyone seems to anyway, Lil Wayne apparently tied back his famous dreads and sent a bunch of celeb sites into a tailspin because they thought he'd actually lopped them off. Because as we all know, the rapper's power is in his hair so without it, something something ZOMG something.

But hey, at least Britney still has all HER hair. And that's what really matters.