Another epic matchup between two bars on Wednesday, September 20th for the Best Bartender Mix Off. 

Wow! What a great time at Rusty’s Saloon and Grill on Wednesday, September 20th. There was delicious food, great drinks and entertainment. A special thank you to Nightlife Limousine for giving 97 cent bus rides so everyone was able to make it to and from safely.

Tye from Main Street Drive Thru and Liquor took on Lee from Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse for the chance to get back into the competition. The rounds were as follows:

  • Signature Cocktail
    • Tye: Fire and Brimstone
    • Lee: Spiced Apple
  • Classic Cocktail:
    • Both bartenders were challenged with a Tom Collins.
  • Bartender's choice:
    • Tye: Margarita
    • Lee: Autumn Ricky

Just a few points separated the two after the judging, but Lee from Borrowed Bucks was named the winner. HOWEVER, this does not mean Lee is back in the competition. We want YOU to vote. Voting will begin on Wednesday, September 27th.

Since voting begins next week, the week of the 25th through October 1st will act as a bye week. We will be back at Borrowed Bucks Roadhouse for the finale on Wednesday, October 4th where one of the previously mentioned bartenders will join Josh from The Pond and Big Stace from Rusty's.

We can't wait to name Bismarck-Mandan's Best Bartender!

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