North Dakota Sam's Club stores could be doing away with receipt checkers.

You know what I'm talking about, right? When you buy something from a Sam's Club and head toward the exit, you will always get stopped by a person holding a highlighter.

Now, I've never been too sure as to what these people are looking at because they only glance and draw a seemingly pointless line across your receipt.

It's my guess they are just making sure you have a legitimate receipt. I think it's more of just a scare tactic to keep people from thinking they can get away with stealing. That said, I could be completely wrong. Feel free to correct me if you've ever held this position and happen to have the inside scoop.

New System

A press release was issued by the Sam's Club's parent company, Walmart, station a new AI-driven scanning system is being tested.

It explained how this works: at the exit area, AI technology will take photos of the items in your cart and confirm that all of it has been paid for.

Essentially, this system will eliminate the need for human receipt checkers.

According to the press release, the test locations have already seen improvements in the customer experience.

The company indicated that it plans to test the system in the first half of 2024; they want to make sure there won’t be any issues. If all goes well, they will roll out the system to all 600 locations before the end of the year.


Do you think people could steal and walk out of the store without paying? Will the new AI system work? Is it wrong for the company to be eliminating this position? Let us know what you think in the app!

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