We might as well embrace it, much like the movie Fargo, we do indeed have an accent living in North Dakota and Minnesota.  It seems like our German heritage friends really bring this out the most in my opinion.  Have you ever met somebody from Strasburg, Napoleon or Linton?  Many of those fine folks have a strong German accent.  We can't forget our Scandinavian friends either.  Both of those accents combined truly is the make up the "North Dakota" accent.

I've complied a list of words or sayings that will raise an eyebrow or two if you talk this way around people from other parts of the country.  I spent sometime living in California back in the day, and at times my accent stuck out like sore thumb.  Not good, when you are a radio personality trying to fit in and sound local.  Something I really had to work on (Not to sound North Dakotan).

Now, I'm back in "God's Country" where I've lived all but two years of life, and I probably sound as North Dakotan as just about anybody.  Here's a list of of those sayings or words.  Ready?

"You Betcha" instead of "You Bet"

"Meer" instead of "Mirror"

"Year" instead of "Your"

"Fer" instead of "For"

"Nor Dakota" instead of "North Dakota"

"Werk" instead of "Work"

"Ya" instead of "Yes"

"Ya Know" instead of "You Know"

"Melk" instead of "Milk"

"Da" instead of "The" (Going to Da House)

"Dat" instead of "That"

"Ta instead of To"

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