Can you believe June is here? I think it's safe to say that it is officially summer. We may live in the "Great White North," but we have some long, hot summers here in North Dakota. More heat means less clothing - which means we're going to need to shed our winter fur. Kharma Vida is the place to get your wax on.

Have you ever gotten a wax, thought you were hairless, then find out later that hair was missed? It always happens to me. Have you ever been waxed and leave the salon beaten and bruised? I have many times. It's disappointing and frustrating to pay for an experience and then walk out dissatisfied.

You won't be dissatisfied with your wax from Kharma Vida. After all, it is the home of Bismarck's "Waxing Queens." These ladies will make your waxing experience enjoyable. No hair will be left behind. No injuries will occur. These women are professionals who take pride in the quality of their work, and who want you to look and feel amazing.

When you go for a wax at Kharma Vida, you'll walk out smooth and flawless. At Kharma Vida, they not only want you to look better, but feel better as well. And they want you to try their waxing services. For the entire month of June, both men and women can get a Brazilian for 50% off - good for new waxing clients only.


Check out and give the friendly ladies a call at (701) 751-0870 to schedule your Brazilian with a "Waxing Queen" for 50% off (new waxing clients only)  during the month of June.



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