The Emerald City, with its reputation for being a haven for hipsters and health nuts, further cemented that image on November 21, when Mayor Ed Murray pardoned a Tofurkey.

You read that right: a Tofurkey, a.k.a. a tofu turkey, a.k.a. not a real turkey.

All jokes aside, it was for a good cause. According to KX News:

Spokesman Jason Kelly says Murray posed with the tofu turkey at City Hall to draw attention to hunger in the community. It [the Tofurkey] will be donated to Rainier Valley Food Bank. Kelly acknowledged that Seattle's reputation in the rest of the country is "a little bit 'granola'" and that Murray was poking fun at himself.


Looks like Washington State will leave the real turkey-pardoning to Washington, D.C.

By the way, Seattle liked Tofurkeys before they were cool.

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