As you've most likely heard by now, Justin Bieber had the “worst birthday.” Except, you know, he didn't. But it turns out his ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez might have made that birthday suck even more when he texted her in the hopes she'd cheer him up and she completely refused to respond.

Then she stroked the fluffy white cat on her lap and launched a rocket into the moon while yelling "TAKE THAT TIDES!" Because she's just that hypothetically evil.

“Justin texted Selena about how depressed he was about his birthday party being a disaster, but she just ignored him,” said a HollywoodLife source who allegedly knows all about Selena's intimate texting (or rather, non-texting) habits.

“She’s been laughing about his ridiculous outfits and thinks he’s just being needy. She’s moving on and having fun with all of her friends and family — she doesn’t have time for him.”

We really can't blame Selena for her radio silence. Especially when you look at these utterly ridiculous outfits (and sometimes half-outfits) he's been sporting lately.

Thankfully for the Biebs, things got better, as the loudness of his fans earned him a space on the Wembley Stadium’s Walk of Fame at the 2012 Capital FM Summertime Ball.

Those same devout followers stuck with him through his extreme tardiness, and even accepted his apologies -- so Bieber took to Twitter in a very long series of missives in which he expressed his gratitude and laughed at rumors and alluded that no one should be terribly concerned about him trotting out his boy boobs in public. ("Especially you, Olivia Wilde," he probably thought but didn't say.)