Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have broken up yet again, and reports suggest another man got in the mix -- but not in the way you're thinking. (Of course not, because that would make them remotely interesting.)

The often truth-challenged Hollywood Life reports that Gomez, 20, dumped Bieber, 18, after he hung out with her ex, Nick Jonas, 20. The two pop poster boys apparently had a ping pong match and tweeted about it, causing Gomez to freak out.

In the wee hours of Dec. 14, the Biebs tweeted:

And then Jonas posted:

What sounds like a chance encounter turned brief-hang-session apparently sent Gomez, who was rumored to have "trust issues" in the past, off the deep end. As if the silly harem pants he's been sporting lately weren't enough for her to want to keep her distance.

“At this point, Selena isn't going to any of Justin’s concerts ever again,” a source told the site. “She doesn't want to speak to him anymore and told him it’s over.”

Of course, that was also the case about a month ago when Gomez dumped Bieber after the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. (We're sure he was devastated while surrounded by scantily clad supermodels. Just devastated.)

The pair reunited with a series of publicized dates and a slumber party, where they probably braided each other's hair and sang into their hairbrushes.

Still, the source said that Biebs has been hurting poor widdle Sel's feelings, and she's had it up to here (ostensibly, "here" is the top of her giant pumpkin-shaped noggin). “Hanging out with Nick proved that he wants to just be a jerk about this, and Selena’s sick of being heartbroken. They are finished, and I think it’s for good this time.”

We do too, if only because we're so sick of talking about these two.

In any case, here's hoping Gomez doesn't team up with Taylor Swift for another off-pitch breakup anthem. That dance video was embarrassing enough.