Babies are the hot topic when it comes to Selena Gomez. Amid ridiculous (and false) rumors that she is pregnant with Justin Bieber's twins, she posed for an adorbs pic with her baby sis Gracie.

The singer and actress shared an image where she is laying on her back with little Gracie in her arms. Look at her precious face. Gracie was born last June and judging from this pic, big sisterhood agrees with Sel. She looks like the best big sis, doesn't she? We're glad she took some time to share one of her simple joys with Selenators.

Now about those ridic preggo rumors? A sonogram labeled "S. Gomez," stamped in Austin, Texas, hit the web this week, and fans went nuts, thinking it was Selena's and that she was pregnant with Da Biebs' twins. It was created by a hoax site and was therefore fake. A lot of fans fell for it, but some also saw right through the nonsense.

So right now, the only baby in Sel's life is that little angel on her lap – Gracie!