Selena Gomez is letting Selenators hear another new track from 'Stars Dance.' The song, 'Slow Down,' is actually an uptempo jam, and like 'Come & Get It,' embraces her grown up yet fun loving side.

The song, produced by the Cataracs, is a dance track that pays several nods with Gomez's idol, Britney Spears, in both production and vocals -- as well as in theme. Gomez is sexy, sassy and tongue in cheek on 'Slow Down,' telling a potential suitor at the club, "If you want me I'm accepting applications / So long as we can keep this record on rotation / You know I'm good with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation / Breathe me in / Breathe me out / So amazing."

Another artist Gomez emulates on 'Slow Down?' Dev, whose place she takes at the end of the song, stuttering flatly, "It's the Cataracs."

The track is one that was listed on her rumored 'Stars Dance' track listing -- a track listing that turned out to accurate. Another rumor about the record? That her song 'Forget Forever' is simply a new title for 'Rule the World.' Sounds like Sel's one star that's ready to dance!