Something To Get Excited About:

According to KVRR, Steve Aoki will be coming to a Fargo for a special performance.

Aoki will be spinning a set at the Fargo Brewery on Thursday, May 19th. General Admission tickets range from $46 to $100. Let's just hope some of this snow melts and it starts feeling more like spring, because this is an outdoor show.

If You Don't Know:

Steve Aoki is one of the biggest American DJ's out there, and that's no exaggeration. If you're a fan of EDM (electronic dance music) it's a name you're probably familiar with. If you haven't already heard of him, I am a little concerned... it's time to move out of under that rock.

He's not just a musician. He's an author, fashion designer, producer and programmer. And did you know he's heir to quite the fortune? He's set to inherit a large sum from his father, Rocky Aoki's, restaurant franchise.

In Other News:

While I love living in North Dakota, I have to say, we don't typically get a lot of big named artists outside of the country genre. Something must be in the air, because we have several artists coming this year.

You may have heard that Machine Gun Kelly along with Avril Lavigne and Willow Smith are planning to come to North Dakota in one of our earlier reports. Welp, we've now got Steve Aoki to add to the list!

If You Want To Go:

Tickets to Steve Aoki's set go on sale tomorrow (April 15th) morning at


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