While I am a part of the generation that grew up with things like disposable cameras and watching television with commercials, I am also a part of the generation that got on social media and popularized what is now known as "the selfie." But now, the whole population has become so obsessed with selfies that there is an entire day dedicated to encouraging people NOT to take selfies.

Did you know that March 16 is "National No Selfies Day"?

Today (March 16) is "National No Selfies Day," and according to Days of the Year, we are so obsessed with selfies that the average girl spends one-hour-and-twenty-four minutes per week on getting the perfect picture. The day basically exists to remind people "just how much this has become part of our culture," and that we should remember that we are not defined by the perceived beauty and perfection in pictures. But, let's be real, everyone does love a good selfie session! And there is an interactive selfie opportunity that recently "popped up" in Bismarck.

Bismarck Parks has put a selfie station for park-goers at Jaycee Centennial Park!

According to Bisparks.org, there is currently a "Pop-Up in the Parks Selfie Station" for park-goers to take pictures and have fun. Located at Jaycee Centennial Park, 321 East Century Avenue, there is a St. Patrick's Day-themed selfie booth. The website encourages people to "Snap a selfie with friends, families, or pets at the selfie station, then tag @bismarckparks on Instagram and use #bismarckparks." Get the full details about Bismarck's new selfie station here.

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