It seems like every restaurant is capitalizing on "The Luck of the Irish" with some sort of minty seasonal drink. Of course, everyone's favorite coffee shop has one, too. Have you ever tried the Shamrock Frappuccino on Starbucks' Secret Menu? I tried the green drink yesterday, and its light mintiness is refreshing and AHHH-mazing.

Check out the recipe for this Irish-ly festive Secret Menu drink below:


  1. Start off by ordering a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  2. Make it minty by adding peppermint syrup
    • TALL - 1.5 pumps
    • GRANDE - 2 pumps
    • VENTI - 2.5 pumps
  3. Next, you'll add classic syrup
    • TALL - 1/2 pump
    • GRANDE - 1 pump
    • VENTI - 1.5 pumps
  4. Lastly, add matcha powder
    • TALL - 2 scoops
    • GRANDE - 2.5 scoops
    • VENTI - 3 scoops

*SIDE NOTE: I did call a Bismarck Starbucks location and confirmed the report that they are currently not filling personal cups. However, you can still receive that 10 cent discount by bringing in your cup. They will just fill a cup from the store for you.

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