Did your family go to garage sales on Saturdays in the summer when you were growing up? I seem to remember a lot of yard work and garage sales on the weekends. Back in the day, I always thought "garage sale-ing" was a bit strange. I mean, sure, you could find some treasures, but I felt weird shopping at a stranger's home and buying their used goods. It always seemed a bit awkward to be watched from a lawn chair, while shopping in someone's driveway.

Fast-forward to today, and I still don't like garage sales, but I LOVE purchasing other people's "junk." Have you ever shopped Facebook Marketplace? I browse it daily. It's a frugal person's dream shopping experience. I've purchased everything from a Michael Kors purse, to art, to furniture, and when I moved to Bismarck, I even got my apartment off The Marketplace. I know, it can be awkward to meet someone in a grocery store parking lot to buy their stuff, but that experience is usually less than 60 seconds. So, it's worth it to score a deal.

As I'm writing this, I'm looking for fun pieces to decorate my new apartment. Sometimes, you do have to do a little searching for the best items and deals. But if you've never checked out The Marketplace, I highly recommend doing it. You'll be amazed at the "steals and deals" you can find.


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