I have been hearing and reading about places that are banning the sale of animals in traditional pet stores. From what I can tell, individual cities make the decision on having these stores - you can get ban the list here. Lawmakers in Minnesota want to take it a step further and ban pet store animal sales statewide.

There were two bills proposed in the Minnesota state legislature that could end the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores within the state. The bill is up for hearing soon. This is a topic that we should be passionate about in North Dakota, too.

You may be aware of the controversy surrounding traditional pet shops. Sure, the animals are cute and we want to take them home and love them, but we should consider the morality of pet stores. Mills and backyard breeders send a near-constant supply of animals to pet stores in order to bring in money.

So, why is it bad that these business exist to bring in money? If you want a full breakdown, check out this website. I'll give you just a hint of what these poor animals go through before making it to the pet store. Check it out below:

  • The babies tend to be taken away from their mothers too early. Animals may be as young as six weeks old or younger (they should be eight weeks old) when they leave their mothers. *This can cause behavioral issues*
  • Puppy mill conditions are deplorable. Animals may be in cramped cages and sleeping areas; they may have unsanitary food and water conditions, and they may end up sleeping in excrement.
  • The animals typically don't receive proper veterinary care, and are subject to health issues as they grow.

Those are just a few of the risks associated with "shopping" for your new pet. There are better ways to get a pet. You can find a reputable breeder if you're in the market for a specific breed. An even better pet adoption option is finding one at a shelter. Do your research before purchasing an animal.

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My dog is from a breeder, my cat is from a shelter, and my fiancé is from Indiana.

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