Because of the pandemic, many businesses around the country have been forced to temporarily limit hours, discontinue in-person services, or shut down. While North Dakotans have experienced minimal shutdowns and mandates, Minnesotans can't even eat inside of restaurants. But both states' governments are experiencing pushback from businesses on pandemic-related mandates. Particularly, from bars and restaurants.

Last month, Minnesota bars and restaurants were ordered to be closed by Governor Tim Walz. Instead of waiting for the scheduled reopen date of December 18, the owner of an East Grand Forks business, the Boardwalk Bar & Grill, chose to reopen on December 9.

The latest news about the Boardwalk is that there was a restraining order issued by Minnesota's Attorney General. Their liquor license has also been suspended for 90 days. Get the full details from Valley News Live here.

There was actually a (sort of) similar situation that happened in North Dakota this past weekend. While North Dakota does not have the same restaurant and bar restrictions as Minnesota, there is an early "curfew" for these particular establishments. Currently, in North Dakota, restaurants and bars can only operate at 50% capacity and must close by 10:00 PM. The Luft in Bismarck was "busted" this past weekend for being open past the "curfew."

According to KX News, this past Saturday, Bismarck police responded to an anonymous call that The Luft was open past the curfew. The police shut it down just after 11:00 PM. While the bar was forced to close down, KX Net reports that police only issued a warning to the bar. Get the full story from KX News here.

How interesting is it that Minnesota's bars and restaurants are facing government backlash and penalties for being open at all, while the same type of facilities face almost no consequence for being open past a certain time? Both Rick Becker (owner of the Luft) and Jane Moss (owner of the Boardwalk) are arguing that their employees have a right to work and make money, and that they support that right.

What are your thoughts on businesses defying government mandates?

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