Today (March 24), the North Dakota Senate will vote on a bill that would allow anyone to practice freelance hairstyling and makeup. According to KX News, the bill "would eliminate the need to have a cosmetology license to do freelance hairstyling and makeup." The bill would allow for freelancers to be considered "niche beauty services provider(s)" after taking a four-hour course to get a certificate in safety and infection control. Get the full story from KX News here.

As a actively licensed cosmetologist in three different states, I am here to tell you that this would be a bad idea. There are already plenty of licensed cosmetologists who should not even be in the field for a variety of reasons ranging from no actual skill to lack of following health and sanitation procedures. I, and many other great cosmetologists, attended 18,000 hours of school in North Dakota and earned the right to make people beautiful for a profit.

But earning the right to practice cosmetology in North Dakota is not the reason why I think a four-hour class on safety and infection is asinine. In fact, I have issue with the fact that anyone would think a four-hour class is enough time to learn, comprehend, and practice anything relating to SERVICES INVOLVING THE HUMAN BODY.

What really goes into being a cosmetologist besides understanding cleanliness? I could probably write a book, but here are some bullet points:

  • Color Theory - There is actual science and math involved in coloring hair. Bleach and color are different things. Understanding a color wheel is important for not messing up color. There is more, but I will run out of space to write before we completely cover color theory.
  • Cutting Hair - Math is also involved in cutting hair. Cutting, alone, involves inches, angles, body positioning and more.
  • Skin Care - Allergies, infections, and understanding skin in general. Enough said.
  • Skin Issues - Again, allergies, infections AND present, visible skin conditions.

Seriously, watching YouTube and TikTok videos while playing dress-up and makeup with your friends and family is all fine and dandy. But when it comes to working on clients, leave it up to a professional who actually knows what they are doing.

I hope this bill gets shot down by the Senate so fast.

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