If you drive this stretch of road in Bismarck you are advised to seek an alternate route beginning tomorrow morning.  Starting at 8:30 am, Thursday, September 22nd, 2022, the traffic signal at this intersection is going to be taken out of service in order to replace the traffic signal cabinet.  This is according to a press release from the city of Bismarck Engineering.  The intersection that is set to cause delays of biblical proportions is none other than...

3rd Street and Broadway Avenue – Traffic Signal Out of Service

The traffic signal will be out of service for approximately 10 days, weather permitting.  This is a very busy intersection under normal circumstances during rush hours.  There will be an All-Way stop in place at the intersection during this time.

No detours will be in place.

Bismarck city officials warn that while the traffic signal is out of service, you can expect very high congestion with long delays at this intersection.  Drivers are strongly urged to see alternate routes or expect bouts of serious road rage (I added in that last line, not the city of Bismarck HA).  This is in the heart of downtown Bismarck that will no doubt affect many businesses.

 It seems like overall this has been a relatively easy road construction season in Bismarck Mandan.  Thankfully, with fall brings the end of the road construction season for the most part.  Then all we have to worry about is winter driving in the near future (speaking of delays)

 For more information visit www.bismarcknd.gov/streets.

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