In honor of the solar eclipse, for a limited time beginning on Monday, August 21st, Dairy Queen has a 99 cent Blizzard promotion.

The Dairy Queen solar eclipse promotion is 'buy one, get one for 99 cents.' The promotion will run from August 21 through September 3rd. QSR Magazine announced the promotion and it was confirmed when we spoke with local Bismarck Dairy Queen stores.

Now you can have your solar eclipse party complete with all the Blizzard's you can handle. The 'BOGO' for 99 cents promotion just so happens to coincide with the release of Dairy Queen's new Triple Truffle Blizzard, which for the record, has nothing to do with the truffle shuffle, as seen in "The Goonies."

The Triple Truffle Blizzard includes a mix of fudge, peanut butter, and caramel truffles. Of course, the deal is good on all Blizzards just in case that's a little too much truffle for your liking. One thing's for sure, lots and lots of Bizzards are going to be turned upside down before being served throughout the duration of this promotion.

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