How often does one find themselves thinking about the "good old days"? Remember the restaurants of our youth, you know the places our families went to and had brunch after church on a Sunday or as a tradition for a birthday.

Now reflecting on these memories make those times, trips, and meals feel almost nostalgic! Here is our list of North Dakota restaurants that take us on a time travel back in time as if no time has been lost.

Dairy Queen

Tigger & BEC, North Dakota, Restaurant
Photo by PTMP on Unsplash

A DQ Blizzard or say a peanut buster parfait,  still one of Tigger's dad's favorites to this day!... These Dairy Queen treats are immediate flashbacks to years gone by. As for BEC, she has countless birthday pictures of family around an ice cream cake that Grama grabbed for the whole crew.

Sales Barn Cafeterias

Tigger and BEC, North Dakota, Restaurant
Photo by Maria G. on Unsplash

Seems like regardless of the livestock auction barn we pass thru, like Kist Livestock in Mandan, there is one thing that has time standing still and that is the cafeteria. The smell of burgers always served on what seems to be the same style bun at all of these sales barn cafeterias, along with string-style french fries. Grab the first empty spot at the counter with stools that look right out of the 1950s and be ready to enjoy a visit with that cowboy sitting down beside you. Come early for an unforgettable old-fashioned caramel roll or finish off your meal with a mouth-watering piece of homemade pie and a strong cup of coffee.

Sunset Cafe

Tigger and BEC, North Dakota, Restaurant
Photo By Peter Baer, NDSU Germans From Russia Heritage

Taking exit 127 off of I-94 around lunchtime, there's always something about a small-town cafe and the Sunset Cafe in New Salem is worth the stop. Many folks have spent their time there, chatting about the weather to crop yields. Be sure to enjoy a yummy fleischkuekle and an old-fashioned milkshake to wash it down! Tigger recommends the strawberry and BEC goes after the chocolate.

With all the options out there these days, sometimes we find ourselves navigating to the nostalgia of yesteryear, and sure does make us smile when we see these establishments still exist... or pushes us when visiting new areas to try the dining that one might say has survived generations.


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