A good share of North Dakota received some beneficial rainfall over the weekend.

The cities of Bismarck and Mandan got enough to settle the dust but that's about it.  East of the metro received much more substantial rainfall.  The rain did not begin in Bismarck until about 4 pm Saturday afternoon and only lasted an hour before it turned to sprinkles.

However, cities east of Bismarck Mandan like Sterling, Wing, and McKenzie saw steady rain through a good share of Saturday afternoon and lasting until early Sunday morning.

It appears the Bismarck Bubble was once again in effect.

However, the forecast for much of the week calls for chances of rain.  Especially, Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and even into Saturday.  Some significant events are planned this week in Bismarck, and I'm sure they're hoping for the Bismarck Bubble to do its thing.

The Band Night Parade is Friday evening and the first-ever Mac & Cheese Festival is Saturday. 

Showers and thunderstorms are possible for both of these events.  Again, that's a long way out, and more than likely these wouldn't be all-day rainfalls.  I wouldn't cancel your plans yet.

According to weather.us, these are the 72-hour precipitation totals over North Dakota over the weekend.  

Sterling .62 inches of rain.

Lincoln .28 inches of rain.

Bismarck .10 inches of rain.

Mandan .08 inches of rain.

Menoken .40 inches of rain.

Driscoll 1.0 inches of rain.

Steele 1.5 inches of rain.

Wilton .20 inches of rain.

Wing .91 inches of rain.

Hazelton .35 inches of rain.

Linton .75 inches of rain.

Strasburg 1.3 inches of rain.

Zeeland 1.10 inches of rain.

Wishek 1.10 inches of rain

10 miles east of Strasburg 2.7 inches of rain (The highest total in the state).

Tappen 1.6 inches of rain.

Cleveland 1.9 inches of rain.

Jamestown 1.4 inches of rain.

Fargo 1.1 inches of rain.

Grand Forks 1.9 inches of rain.

Turtle Lake .25 inches of rain.

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