Mother's Day is just on the horizon. Our mothers do so much for us and are an important part of who we eventually become. Do you have a special memory of your mom that you always smile when you think about? I have two very special memories of my mom.

One of my favorite memories is going through the car wash. When I was younger and we went through the car wash, she would always open my car window during the part where the water jets are pointed right at the car. I would always pretend to be mad, but I liked the fact that she wasn't afraid to get the inside of her car wet just to make me smile.

My second favorite memory of my mom is her sitting on the couch in our living room while I performed little concerts or dance recitals for her. I would play music on the computer and play my "guitar" (made out of a wrapping paper tube and string) and sing for her. She always acted so interested and clapped after every song, no matter how terrible or long the performance was.

What are some of your favorite memories of your mother?