Thank you to all the women and men who came together dressed in red to honor women's heart health at the St.Alexius "Give From The Heart" luncheon today. "Give From The Heart" was held at the Radisson Hotel in downtown Bismarck. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Clothes Mentor/Plato's Closet table. Each table was beautifully decorated by local businesses/organizations and indivduals supporting women's heart health. Kilee Harmon of the St.Alexius Foundation was the MC of "Give From The Heart" event. Sister Susan Lardy provided the invocation reminding us our heart represents health, life and love and to honor the divine of a woman's heart.

Clothes Mentor Sponsored Table

Dr. Carmen Ilie then addressed the crowd about keeping our heart's healthy.Here is a quick list to share with all the women in your life so we all are able to live and love for a long time.

Dr. Carmen Ilie St. Alexius Heart and Lung Clinic

1) Heart Attacks are the #1 killer of women.

2) Women display different heart attack symptons than men.

3) Rules of prevention : Don't smoke- smoking increases your chance of heart attack 3-5 times. Get active- physical activity 5 days a week keeps your heart healthy. Don't carry extra weight, anything over a 25 BMI puts your body at a more likely risk for a heart attack. Monitor blood pressure, choose healthy foods and watch your portion sizes.

4) 2/3 of women have no previous symptons or history of heart attack.

Simple Elegance Wedding Designs Sponsored Table

The proceeds of this event will be used to fund a wireless EKG in St. Alexius ER.

Lillian's of Bismarck Sponsored Table -Susan Schweiter's won best table decor for the event.