Witnesses were on hand to document the despair that was apparently in Taylor Swift's heart after she split from her boyfriend of two months, Harry Styles, during their recent Virgin Isles vacation.

However will she heal from their never-ending fairy tale love?

As witnesses told Page Six of Swift's return to the States on Jan. 4, “She looked really sad and lonely, really down.”

“We had heard she was down there with Harry Styles from One Direction, but the impression that I got was that they must have had a fight or something because she was just with her bodyguard,” they continued, psychoanalyzing Swift's every move.

The source noted T-Swizzle wasn't crying but “you could tell that something was visibly wrong ... she was just sitting there with her hands in her lap, no phone or anything.” Because if anything says sadness, it's just sitting quietly with your own thoughts rather than sharing them with social media.

Some “boaters” passed by yelling Taylor's name, but the most she could muster was a slight wave. “It was really halfhearted," the eyewitness said. "We saw her for at least four to five minutes and it was really obvious something was really wrong.”

Styles, on the other hand, enjoyed his new single-dom and spent a three-hour layover on Jan. 6 mingling with female fans.

According to one witness, “He seemed really happy to see the girls waiting for him. It definitely didn’t look like there was anything wrong.” And ever the gentleman, Styles took his gaggle of fans out to for a bite to eat and "even ended up giving one of the girls a kiss on the cheek."

It's almost like he wants a bitter breakup song written about him or something.