According to a new report from, North Dakota is the 2nd safest state for older drivers.

The study takes into account the percentage of car deaths age 65 or older and the percentage of population at that age. 9.6% of the car deaths are of people age 65 or older while seniors make up 14.2% of North Dakota's population.

Only New Mexico beat out North Dakota for being the safest state for senior drivers with 9.4% of the car deaths being age 65 or older as 15.3% of their population is made up of that age group. Louisiana, Alaska, Montana followed North Dakota on the list to round out the top five safest states for senior drivers.

In contrast, Rhode Island is the most dangerous state for senior drivers with 34.6% of car deaths being age 65 or older, with 15.8% of the population being seniors. Our neighbors in Minnesota were listed as the 3rd most dangerous state with 22.7% of car deaths being age 65 or older, while 14.3% of their population are seniors.

No matter who you're sharing the North Dakota roads with, this statistic gives a whole new meaning to 'respect your elders.'