North Dakota drivers definitely love to get where they're going as fast as they can, according to a new study.

In a ranking of the fastest averages speeds for drivers by state, North Dakota ranked as having the fifth-fastest average driving speed in the nation with an average driving speed of 51 miles per hour. This, according to the fuel data analysis website, GasBuddy.

States in more rural areas tended to have higher average speeds in the study. That being said, the states with faster average driving speeds on the list were:

  1. Wyoming (55 mph)
  2. Nebraska (52 mph)
  3. South Dakota (52 mph)
  4. New Mexico (51 mph)

The slowest average speeds in the nation were Hawaii (28 mph), Rhode Island (30 mph), New York (33 mph), Massachusetts (34 mph), and Delaware (34 mph). You'll notice that these states tend to have urban settings where more traffic would be prevalent.

The states finishing with the highest average speeds also finished at the low end of the list when it comes to aggressive driving. North Dakota finished as the 48th most aggressive driving state in the nation.

So, despite the fact that Bismarck was labeled as the 'Worst City for Driving in North Dakota,' just think, it could a lot worse. Be safe and be courteous to each other on the roads, Bismarck!

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