Late last month, the Souris Valley Animal Shelter in Minot posted a disturbing video to their Facebook page. A woman abandoned her cat outside of the facility. Well, her actions must have inspired another negligent so-called human, because it happened again just yesterday (May 27).

On April 28, a woman drove to SVAS, parked her car, put her cat on the ground, and took off (read more about that here). Yesterday, a man pulled up to the shelter, brought his cat to the sidewalk, and took off when a shelter employee attempted to talk to him. The video was shared on SVAS's Facebook page. The post said that the cat was terrified and that the shelter would be looking to file charges.

When the initial abandonment video was posted, I followed up on the situation with Assistant Director of Shelter Operation at SVAS, Kasey Bruer. She gave information on the effects of abandonment and asked for people to seek help with their pets in times of need (read more about that here). There's help, yet people are still neglecting and abandoning their animals.

I could never understand how someone disposes of their pet. I can try to understand that extreme circumstances happen, but ditching your furry family member is not just illegal, it's inhumane. How can a person not realize that pets have feelings? Our pets know, love, and trust us. We choose to bring them into our homes, it's our obligation to make sure our pets have good lives.

The Souris Valley Animal Shelter is looking for the individual caught on camera yesterday. If you know any information, you can call the Ward County Sheriff's Department at (701) 857-6500.


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KEEP READING: See how animals around the world are responding to COVID-19


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