This morning, I was doing my usual Facebook scroll when I came across a gut-wrenching video. While it was grainy, I could tell that a person dropped their animal off in a parking space and drove away, with no regard to the animal's feelings or well-being. This was literally right in front of a shelter, and on a rainy day. To me, it's absolutely shocking that someone could throw away their animal.

The video was posted by Souris Valley Animal Shelter on their Facebook page. While the picture isn't clear, it's obvious what happened - someone parked their vehicle in front of the shelter, opened the car door, put something on the ground, closed the car door, and drove off. It's only a few seconds long, but nevertheless, devastating.

The animal that was so cruelly abandoned was a cat, which was later named "Stormy." According to the shelter's post, "This person did not call. Did not knock on the door. Did not have the decency to put the animal under the awning." Fortunately, Stormy was brought in to safety. In just a matter of two days, there is now a wait list to adopt her. But not all animals that are abandoned as lucky as Stormy.

I see so many videos and read stories upon stories of animal negligence/ cruelty/ abandonment. It's disgusting and unacceptable. Once you decide to own an animal, you are responsible for its life and well-being. I don't agree with ever parting with your furry companions, but if you must re-home your pet, make sure he/she goes to a loving home.

We humans chose to domesticate animals and bring them into our homes. Animals deserve love, care, and respect. There is no excuse for animal cruelty on any level. Period.


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