A Smaller Engagement Ring May Lead to a Longer Marriage
How many jewelry store ads have you seen (especially during February, June and December) that try to tell you that you should spend "two months' salary" -- at least -- on an engagement ring? Then there's the $25,000 you'll probably have to spend on the wedding...
North Dakota AG Seeks Dismissal of Gay Marriage Suit
The North Dakota Attorney General has asked a Federal judge to throw out a lawsuit that has been filed against the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, despite a trend in other State and Federal courts striking down similar bans.
Guy Pulls Off Perfect Romantic ‘Falling’ Proposal
Thank God she said "yes," because if she didn't that was so not worth it.
This video -- in which a guy willingly falls from a building while asking his girlfriend to marry him -- must've taken a lot of time and planning with an immense amount of hope and trust from whomeve…