Most of the country is mired in the middle of a deep freeze, and we here in North Dakota are no different. We're hearty folk, built to withstand bone-chilling temperatures and all that winter has to offer, which can be brutal at times. But just how brutal?

So brutal that our weather is currently worse than it is in Antarctica. You heard me right. Antarctica (you know, that huge piece of land that is the southernmost land mass on Earth) is warmer than Bismarck right now. According to Weather Underground, at the time of writing this, Amundsen-Scott, Antarctica (or better known as the the South Pole to you and me), has a temperature of -9 degrees F (wind chill of -30 degrees F). In Bismarck, we're enjoying balmy temperatures of -14.4 degrees F (wind chill of -33 degrees F).

Don't believe me? Check out the photographic evidence below.

Weather Underground


Weather Underground

I can't wait for the blistering days of summer so I can complain about how hot it is.