A bar in a town of fewer than 40 people is claiming the title as the continental center of North America.

Hanson's Bar in Robinson, ND is letting everyone know how proud they are of their newly claimed title. However, a nearby town about 85 miles due north, Rugby, is not happy about it. It just so happens that Rugby's trademark on being the "Geographical Center of North America" about 20 years ago.

Local residents in the town of Robinson and frequent regulars at Hanson's Bar helped to raise $350, which was needed to purchase the trademark, before sending it off to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Hanson's Bar received confirmation of the new title after nearly a yearlong wait.

Historically, the debate over where the actual center of the continent began about 90 years ago. At the time, it was determined that it was in North Dakota's Pierce County, 16 miles southwest of Rugby, 5 miles north of Orrin, and about 6 miles west of Balta. While those towns have claimed to be the center, they have never trademarked the phrase.

Hanson's Bar has stated that through "barstool science," they've determined that they are on the center of the continent, thanks to global warming and a slight shift of North America to the south over the years.

Therefore, if you happen to travel through Robinson, ND and stumble into Hanson's Bar, you're literally at the "Geographical Center of North America." Enjoy it while you can.