I don't know about you, but I've recently had trouble finding fresh produce - particularly jalapenos. No matter where I shop, the vegetable selection is either picked-over or non-existent. On top of that, it's not easy to stay six-feet away from everyone, at all times, in the grocery store. Texas Roadhouse is here to help ease your grocery store woes.

Now, you can get a few of your groceries, without dealing with large crowds while you shop. Texas Roadhouse has turned into a little bit of a farmers market. KFYR-TV is reporting that the restaurant is now serving fresh fruits and vegetables. You can even get fresh, uncooked, hand-cut steaks.

I have to say, I love the idea of this one-stop shop. Why not get some fresh groceries while simultaneously picking up your hot-and-fresh steak dinner with buns and honey butter?

Now, I'm wondering, can I get jalapenos at Texas Roadhouse? My quest continues.

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