There is something about going for a ride in the North Dakota countryside.  All the history that some of us drive by every day.  Old buildings with weathered wood have stood the test of time.  Some of them are a century or older.

I get to spend a lot of time in rural North Dakota pursuing my passion for hunting and fishing.  Small town cafes and grocery stores.  I've seen or been in just about all of them.  Driving by old churches, cemeteries, and schools sure gets me thinking of what it must have been like in North Dakota in the early 1900s.  Most of the towns on the list I"m about to share with you came into existence in the early 19th century.  A few of them even popped in the late 1800s.  Think about all that has changed in the past 100 plus years.  Life had to be so hard on the prairie in the early 1900s.  All the luxuries we take for granted today, I'm sure our forefathers would give anything to have.

I was telling my son and his girlfriend recently that I've been to nearly every town in North Dakota.  Over the course of my hunting and fishing excursions and my radio job taking me to small towns to do high school dances or wedding dances, I've seen a lot of the North Dakota countryside.  Of course, like just about every teenager he was very cynical.  He pulled out a map and began naming towns.  Yes, there were a few that I have missed over the years, but not many.  I think even he was surprised by the miles I've put on in this state.

Let's see how many of these 15 small towns you have been to in North Dakota.  According to the 2020 census, hear are "The 15 Smallest North Dakota Towns with 10 or Fewer People."  Enjoy!

15 Smallest Towns In North Dakota All Under 10 People

These are the 15 smallest towns in North Dakota.



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