It's fairly well-known by now that high fashion does not need to come at a high price. But maybe you just don't know where to begin looking for it; maybe you don't have a lot of time to cruise the mall looking for deals. Bookmark these four cutting-edge sites, and you'll always have easy, affordable fashion right at your fingertips.

For the Accessories Nut

Cant get enough shoes? Bags? Jewelry? Just Fabulous is an accessories Utopia. They have everything form boots for winter to sandals for summer, from clutches for evening to totes for daytime, and a great selection of jewelry in the hottest colors and styles. Even better, members get a new personalized boutique every month, based on the style preferences they indicate when they sign up. Even better than that is the fact that everything is only $39.95 -- and clearance and two-for sales are a near-constant on the site. Membership is required, but making a purchase each month is not -- you just need to log in and click the "skip this month" button if you don't wish to buy this time around. This might sound like an annoyance, but if you tend to purchase accessories frequently, it's likely you'll be on the site often anyway, and it's a small price to pay in exchange for the money you'll save overall. On top of all this, you earn rewards points with every purchase -- 25 for each dollar you spend -- with which to get free stuff, like sunglasses, cosmetics cases, or even shoes.

For the Lightning Deal Maniac

For killer deals that renew daily, try No More Rack. And we're not just talking fashion this time. In addition to a huge selection of clothing and accessories for men, women and children, No More Rack also offers unbeatable deals on electronics and items for your home and lifestyle. Each deal is available for just 24 hours, so you literally get a whole new selection of high-quality, low-cost products every single day. And they specialize in multi-packs, like three supersoft lightweight draped cardigans for $30 or three comfy fold-over maxiskirts for just $32. You'll save around 50-85% of the MSRP with every purchase, and they offer 24-hour customer service to answer any questions you may have, whenever it's most convenient for you.

For the Mommy-and Me Shopper

In the interest of saving time, busy moms tend to do clothes shopping for themselves and their children at the same time. At Zulily, you'll find it all in one place for a great price, and you'll save even more time by doing it all from the couch while the kids watch a movie or after they go to bed. No more packing the brood off to a crowded store where you'll frantically turbo-shop in the hopes of getting it all done before the kiddos get cranky. Also unlike at the store, you'll get up to 70% off up-to-the minute styles for both you and your little ones. Inventory is limited, so you'll want to check in frequently or sign up for their daily-email -- mind you, this is not a requirement -- to keep up on the endless flow of new and fantastic deals.

For the Label Enthusiast

If you're looking for popular brands, like UGG, Adidas, DC or Nicole Miller, you'll find it all at for up to 75% off what it would cost off the rack, or even on Amazon. This is another daily-deal-type website that offers everything from ready-to-wear brands to high-end designer labels. Keep in mind that the higher-end products are still going to cost proportionately more than RTW items, so a lot of these products will be a splurge, but just like anything else, you're getting it for a fraction of what it would cost otherwise. Plus, for every splurge item you'll find on, there are three or four others that are affordable at any time. You can narrow your search by department, price point, brand, size, color, style, material, pattern, occasion or even all of the above, so finding exactly what you're in the market for is super-simple.