How's the air up there? A new report is out that measured the air particles in every state in the country and ranked the air quality from best to worst. This is one of those lists where is not a bad thing to be ranked at the bottom of the list. Where do you think North Dakota ranks?

According to a health care non-profit organization United Health Foundation-

air quality in each state can be measured by the average person's exposure level to airborne particulate matter (PM). Air pollution is the fine particulates in the air that we breathe. The agency has come out with the average exposure of the general public to particulate matter of 2.5 microns or less in size (PM 2.5).

And the worst states for air quality to live in are-

  1. California
  2. Idaho
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Indiana
  5. Illinois
  6. Ohio
  7. Kentucky
  8. Nevada
  9. Texas
  10. Georgia
Kevin Frayer / Getty Images

And now for the best states at #50 is Wyoming, #49 is The Peace Garden State of North Dakota followed by Montana and Alaska. You can see the complete list here. Now take a deep breath!