Diners are the perfect crowd pleasers. The food is decent and the variety means there's something that everyone will like. The best diner in the state is in Mandan.

Diners can really be hit or miss. Any chef will tell you that a large menu is not good for a restaurant because you want to be able to focus on making a small array of items high quality.

Therefore most diners are average at best with many being well below average and the occasional diner being far superior.

The website tripping.com, a website devoted to vacation rentals and totally not that other thing you are thinking, decided to name the best diner in each state to save you from doing the work yourself.

It turns out the best diner in North Dakota is Fried's Family Restaurant located at 1010 Boundary Street NW in Mandan. You can view their menu (PDF) here.

Unfortunately, the website which made this declaration gave absolutely no explanation of why they feel this is the best diner and did not explain the factors that would contribute to the best diner.

But considering for any restaurant price, atmosphere, and food quality typically are contributing factors to a restaurant's ranking, we have to assume those were taken into account here as well.

The only way to truly find out if Fried's Family Restaurant is indeed the best diner in the state would be to take a trip there for yourself.