Thrillist has come out with their list of 'The Best Food City in Every State.'

Unfortunately, on this particular list, that honor goes to Fargo. The ranking cites such establishments as HoDo with their Bison Burger, Spitfire and their BBQ, Mezzaluna with their fine dining, Vinyl Taco which is famous for not only their tacos, but also their turntables behind the bar, and Sickies Garage with their amazing burgers.

Of course, Bismarck has its own plethora of fantastic restaurants to dine at, not to mention our very own Sickies. The history of the published lists Thrillist puts out seems to lean towards several mentions of Fargo, so how about a little Bismarck love, Thrillist?

In any event, it seems that our state has a pretty decent selection of restaurant establishments, even if we have to make a bit of a drive for those that are outside of Bismarck.

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