Today (June 18th) is International Sushi Day and we asked our listeners where to get the best sushi in Bismarck.

After posing the question on-air and social media, the replies were typically one of three picks: Kobe's, Shogun, or Oahu. Each is a solid option that you really can't go wrong with. However, there was one clear winner that I'd personally have to agree with. Based on listener's Facebook comments, Twitter replies, and texts, Kobe's Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar is where you'll find the best sushi in Bismarck.

According to Yelp, the three top sushi establishments previously mentioned were also the top three with Oahu being listed as the top spot.

Whether you have a favorite out of the three, or maybe you need to try one of them, again, you can't go wrong with either one. It's nice to know we have some good sushi options to pick from in Bismarck. Happy International Sushi Day, everyone!

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