If there's one thing I'm addicted to, it's makeup. I am fully obsessed with makeup. I love buying it, wearing it, watching videos about it, learning tips and tricks, and everything in between. I am a bit of a makeup snob, so whether it's drugstore or high-end, I probably have an opinion on it. Today, I'm going to give you my "Top 10" list on the best high-end, splurge-worthy makeup.

Now, just because this list is full of high-end makeup, doesn't mean I ever pay full-price. Let me tell you know, I am all about quality AND price point. Honestly, there's never a need to pay full-price for your favorite products ever. If you buy it at sticker price, you're paying too much.

The best way to make sure you're getting all the "bang for your buck" is to start your makeup hunt online. Even if stores like Sephora, ULTA, or the brand websites aren't offering sales, you can usually find a discount code on websites like Retail Me Not. But don't forget to watch the sales and events on these websites as well.

Once you have found a discount offer, make sure to compare among the websites. For instance, let's say Sephora has its VIB sale, you're a Rouge member, and you get 20% off, this would be the perfect time to shop. But are you buying a brand that has its own website? You might want to watch for a sale on the brand's website because some brands will offer 25% - 30% off their products, directly on their sites. Basically, make sure you snag the deal from the website that's going to give you the biggest discount.

I could go on about all the ways you can get expensive makeup for the lowest prices, but I'd have to write a book to give away all my cheapskate-savvy tricks. Get my "Top 10 Splurge-Worthy" makeup list below.

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