My laptop I have had for 3 years crashed yesterday. I resolved not to try to repair it but instead look for a new piece of technology that could best help me do my work, work with my work programs and provide the latest in digital technology.

In the world of iPad,Mac's,PC's it was a hard decision to make. The iPad is simple, easy to use, efficient,visually appealing and easy to travel with. I don't earn enough to purchase a Mac. The final option the PC provided familiarity, Windows 8, touch screen  and app technology and most importantly compatible with the work software I need to work from anywhere.

I wish my work programs worked well with the iPad and after many talks with our station's engineers no app technology exist yet to get my work done. So I went with a new Samsung notebook fueled by Windows 8, touch screen, webcam and mic, with music making apps, movie apps and can communicate with all of my Smartphone technology as well. Most importantly it is compatible with my work technology so I can handle business.Final cost for the Samsung notebook with warranty plan $400.

What type of technology are you using on a daily basis to get your work done? What factors played into your decision making? Why or why don't you use an iPad or a PC?