According to the Census Bureaus latest figures, the fastest growing county in the nation is in North Dakota. As a matter of fact, North Dakota has several counties in the Top 100.

Andrew Burton/Getty images

The fastest growing county in the country goes to Williams County, North Dakota with a 31.2% growth in 2013 according to the results released this week. The other counties showing significant growth in North Dakota are-

Stark County(#3) with a growth of 16.6%, Ward County (#25) at 10.2% and Cass County(#48) at a growth rate of 8.7% and Burleigh County came in at #47 with a growth rate of 8.8%.

The complete list again proves that with a strong economy fueled by the oil industry, North Dakota continues to lead the way in growth through out the nation.

(source US Census Bureau)