I received an email from a listener who revealed some interesting information concerning the future of the Budget Inn Express in Bismarck.

This motel is located in Bismarck at 122 East Thayer Avenue.  It's been a fixture in downtown Bismarck for a long time.

It appears the Budget Inn Express might be giving out their final wake-up calls.

The email I received claimed to know the manager of the Budget Inn Express motel.  The manager had told him that patrons and employees needed to be out of the hotel by March 31st.  Apparently, the building had been sold to a builder that has been recently doing work downtown  (allegedly, working on the new building by the post office).

The emailer went on to add the new owner plans to tear down the Budget Inn Express and rebuild a new building.

I was able to reach the manager of the Budget Inn Express motel this morning.  He did indeed confirm they had received an email from the current owners that employees and guests need to be out by March 31st.  The manager also confirmed the Budget Inn Express motel had been sold.  However, the manager was not able to confirm the motel will be eventually torn down.

It certainly does appear the Budget Inn Express motel might be headed toward demolition.

Either way, this will cause the loss of local jobs here in Bismarck and nobody likes to see that.  We wish all of the employees at the Budget Inn Express motel all the best going forward in the future.

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