When you go trick-or-treating there's always those candies that you look at and think, "yuck… I really don't want this."

Halloween Express took a survey of Americans across every state to find out the least appreciated Halloween candies. In North Dakota, according to at least 11 people, the least appreciated Halloween candy is licorice.

We say according to at least 11 people because Halloween Express says that they surveyed a minimum of 11 people per state (and 2,000 Americans in all).

Licorice was not an uncommon disliked candy. In fact, licorice was the least appreciated candy in 13 states.

Halloween Express also provided quotes from individuals who were surveyed though did not provide their locations choosing only to give their age and gender. It seems the common dislike of licorice stems from its poor smell and taste along with a shared feeling that the candy itself is 'old' and is for people who are 90 years of age or older.

Licorice comes in all different shapes and forms. I don't mind eating regular Twizzlers. But if you give me Red Vines or any other nonsense you can go ahead and throw that right in the dumpster.

Also, any candy that is black but not chocolate should be fed only to terrorists.

Additionally, based on my own highly scientific research, it is physically impossible to eat 'Pull n Peel' Twizzlers without it being stuck in your teeth for a minimum of 12 minutes. Those things should be illegal.

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