24/7 Wall St. has named the most dangerous city in our state. Can you guess what it is?If you guessed Fargo, well done. The factors used to measure such a statistic are as follows: city violent crime rate, state violent crime rate, poverty rate in the city, and unemployment rate within the city. Those rates are listed here:

> City violent crime rate: 249.3 per 100,000
> State violent crime rate: 239.4 per 100,000
> City poverty rate: 11.1%
> City unemployment rate: 2.5%

While 249 violent crimes in a metro area is not a high number, it is the highest in the state. It is also only slightly higher than Bismarck's, as Bismarck has the safest overall metro in North Dakota. Fargo is also where 29 percent of homicides throughout the state occurred. It's also important to note that North Dakota's state violent crime rate is the 10th lowest in the U.S. overall.

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