We now know what the most popular fast-food chain is in every state.

One fast-food franchise completely dominated throughout the U.S., but North Dakota did not go with the overwhelmingly popular pick. It turns out North Dakota was just one of three states to select McDonald's as the favorite fast-food franchise in the state.

The study was initially done by Business Insider, who used check-ins on Foursquare to determine the results.

Washington, D.C. (which was counted as a state for the study) and Alaska also chose McDonald's as their top choice. Our neighbors in South Dakota were one of only two states to choose Popeye's as a favorite.

The aforementioned overwhelmingly popular pick throughout the U.S. was Chick-fil-A. Perhaps this is why customers were camping outside the first Chick-fil-A to come to North Dakota in Grand Forks.

A map of what each state selected as their favorite fast-food franchise can be found by clicking here.

As for North Dakota, as a consensus, it looks like we're 'lovin' it.'



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